Ok, when I say get out and shoot…….I mean with your camera. Let me just make that clear before I start.

It was a crisp winter evening on Saturday 21st November. I was sitting in my cosy warm house watching TV. My new early Christmas present had arrived. A Tamron 17-28mm zoom lens. Should I unbox it and have a play or should I wait until Christmas? Well like most photographers it was hard to resist the urge!!!! After unboxing it I decided I wanted to go get a wide angle shot of Scrabo Tower. However, the warmth of the house was holding me back like a strong elastic band. Thankfully I snapped, well not mentally, metaphorically speaking I mean the elastic band.

It was about 3pm when I left the house knowing full well the sun was going down at 4.13pm. Thanks to the free App on my phone called Sun Position. I was never going to make it in time to catch the beginning of the Golden hour I thought. I raced…. sorry drove to Ards at the maximum speed limit allowed. When I reached the visitors carpark I raced up the hill to see Scrabo Tower in all its glory. In between the many intakes of air I took to keep the oxygen going to my brain, I managed to set my camera up. I had a particular composition in mind and just couldn’t appreciate my first spot. I picked up the camera, tripod and all and made my way to the front of the Tower. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed by the awesome sunset that was happening before my eyes. I managed to capture one of the nicest images I have in a long time. It was a bracketed exposure. I used just 2 and blended them together in Photoshop. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I suppose the moral of this story is just get out and shoot. You will never capture those images sitting on your cosy chair in your house. Oh…. and lastly, hand back the lens box with a weight in it to your wife so you can carry on shooting those pictures. 🙂

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