I feel blessed to live so close to the sea in the small sleepy town of Bangor. It is also great be so close to a large city like Belfast. Despite the many years of troubles Belfast has had to endure, it is still standing.

I think like many cities in the UK, Belfast will suffer quite bad comercially from the Covid Pandemic. However, new opportunities will and are opening up.

In my image we see a contrast between the modern Titanic Quarters and the Cranes which were built in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The strange thing is, despite their age difference, both go hand in hand. Not only architectural, but historically. Yes, you know what I mean…….the ship Titanic was built in Belfast. Let hope Belfast does not go down the same route and sink into oblivion.

If you have never had a chance to visit Belfast, then what is keeping you back? It is a fantastic city of culture and full of shops. Come along and bring that camera, you can be sure to capture a memorable image of your visit.

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