My name is Colin Majury and I am a keen amateur photographer from Bangor in Northern Ireland. I have had several cameras over the years, but only in the last number of years have I taken it seriously. I purchased my first DSLR camera about 2013, which was a Pentax K-x. Now I shot with a Sony A7R2 which I really love.

My passion is Landscape photography. I love nothing more than picking up my camera and exploring the countryside to capture a pretty image for everyone to enjoy. I am very fortunate to live in a county which is known as the “Emerald Isles.” My country has such changeable weather, which is what makes it so fascinating to photograph. The wonderful thing about photography is that there are many types and although I love Landscape photography, I occasionally dabble in macro, natural and portraiture.

I hope you enjoy my work and continue to visit my site from time to time, as I try to improve my photography skills.